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A Favorite in My Landscape

You may think this is a post about growing kale  . . .  or raised bed gardening . . . .  but  you'd be wrong.    I want to introduce  you to and share my love of  Chinese Fan Palms.   Those... Continue Reading →

Looking for an accent palm?

If you are looking for an accent palm, you should take a look at Cliff Date Palms (or Phoenix rupicola). The bright green leaves lay flat from the stem, giving it a very graceful look. Field Grown Cliff Date PalmI... Continue Reading →

It’s almost mountain laurel season!

I was out on the nursery yard this morning taking some photos and caught sight of these beauties!    Thick, lush, green, and look at all those bloom stems! These Texas Mountain Laurels were field grown, harvested, add put into... Continue Reading →

6 Questions for your Palm Trimmer

The freezing temps from last winter have left us with lots of  burned fronds on our palms.    The next step is to have someone remove the brown fronds but there are a few things homeowners and property managers should... Continue Reading →

5 Cold-hardy Palms for Texas

Texas has just been through its coldest winter in many, many years - and if you believe the prognosticating of Punxsutawner Phil, we still have three more weeks of it.    There was even measurable snow in the Rio Grande... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Get More Blooms from your Texas Mountain Laurels

It's so disappointing this time of year when you get no (or few) blooms on your Texas Mountain Laurels!   Fear not . . .  there may be a few things you can do to help . . . .   Really,... Continue Reading →

What’s eating the trees! 

Live oak trees are a popular landscape tree because they are long lived and relatively care- free.  But they are undergoing attacks all around south Texas from Datana caterpillars.  Specifically Datana constricta. shows that they are wreaking... Continue Reading →

Texas Sabals: a new trim for more successful transplanting

Texas Sabal palms are the only large palm that grows native in Texas.   Unfortunately they are a little bit difficult to transplant. Their beauty and use by nature make it worth the risk to plant Texas Sabal palms.   They have... Continue Reading →

Rostrata Blooms

  For the first time since we planted rostratas in our fields 5 years ago, we have a few that are blooming! The flower spikes are less structured than other Yuccas but the petals are large, airy, and quite striking.... Continue Reading →

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