Our Life With Trees


September 2015

Give Your New Tree a Great Start

Have you been contemplating adding a tree or two to your landscape?    Cooler temperatures make fall the best time to plant trees in the Rio Grande Valley.    Once you’ve chosen your tree and location, it’s time to focus on planting... Continue Reading →


Texas Persimmons

This small, sculptural tree can be found throughout south Texas - however, not in great quantities.    Perhaps its most striking feature is its smooth trunk with pealing bark, very similar to that of a crepe myrtle.  The trunk is... Continue Reading →

Spanish Dagger or Pita

Although not technically a tree, one of our favorite "trees" is Yucca trecleana, or Spanish Dagger.   This is a water-wise plant commonly found in brush lines and in the ranch country.    It has stiff wide leaves with extremely... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Investment

The following is a post from a few years ago on our old blog.    Since we are nearing prime tree-planting time, I thought it would be a good re-run! In our neck of the woods, we often go for months without measurable... Continue Reading →

Testing Willow Acacia

We're excited to test this willow acacia tree in the Rio Grande Valley. It is a drought tolerant tree that is considered to be fast growing.   A native of Australia,  it's sometimes called weeping waddle or Australian willow and... Continue Reading →

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