Our Life With Trees


October 2015

Texas Mountain Laurel

Native to Southwest and Central Texas, the blooms of the Texas Mountain Laurel are one of the first signs of spring.      The flowers are typically dark purple but occasionally a tree will bloom in pale lavender or white.   No matter... Continue Reading →


How To Plant A Tree

The single most important factor to how a newly planted tree performs is whether it was planted correctly.

Honey Mesquite

A signature plant of south Texas, the mesquite tree’s popularity as a landscape tree is growing rapidly.    Its spreading canopy gives dappled shade and relief from our brutal summer sun.      The mesquites pictured above are growing along a... Continue Reading →

Texas Sabals – Centurions of the RGV

Stout, strong, majestic, a centurion along the roadways - that’s how I see our native Texas sabal palm.    This is the one palm native to the Rio Grande Valley.   Twenty years ago, the only large native stand could be found at the... Continue Reading →

Desert Willows – Our Newest Crop

One new-to-us tree that I am really loving is Desert Willow.   It always fun when we start growing something new - but this tree is really blowing our socks off.   The transition that the crop made last spring was amazing.  Of course,... Continue Reading →

Tree Pruning

Pruning is an important to your tree's health

Where To Plant A Tree

A little planning will go a long way when it comes to adding trees to your landscape.

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