October is Arbor Month in Texas so we’re all talking about planting a tree or two.   A little planning will go a long way when it comes to adding trees to your landscape.

Trees are the cornerstone of your landscape
Trees are the cornerstone of your landscape

If you plant in the wrong place it, is a very difficult mistake to  correct.

Here is our short list of helpful hints in choosing a location for your next tree:

  • First of all, look up.   Check out any overhead power lines in your yard.  Plant small trees (25 feet or shorter at maturity) no closer than 10 feet to the  power lines.   Any taller trees should be planted at least 50 feet from any power lines.  Trees growing in power lines are dangerous to the publics’ safety and well being – and  you will be livid in  20 years when the power company prunes a huge V out of the middle of your beautiful, mature, shade tree.
  • When planning for your new trees, check their mature height.    Be sure to give them plenty of room to grow.
  • Plant shade trees on the west side of your house or outdoor living space.  You’ll enjoy the shade on hot summer afternoons.
  • Plant trees near air conditioner units and west facing windows to save on utility bills.
  • Cold climate?   Plant deciduous trees outside east facing windows for winter sunshine to warm your rooms.
  • Plant trees to screen undesirable views.
  • Plant fruit trees where they are easily accessible to harvest.
  • Want to attract birds to your yard?  Plant seed-producing trees.
Trees Can Block a View or They Can BE the View
Trees Can Block a View or They Can BE the View