A dreary, rainy day is perfect for planning and I have palm trees on my mind!   Palm trees add a tropical, take-me-away feeling to any landscape.

Landscaping with Palms

#1  Plant for space definition:

Use in rows to line something or define boundaries

img_6926These Queen or Cocus Palms line the circular drive giving it definition.

img_6927These three royal palms define the side boundary of this front yard.

#2  Use palms as a filler:


This pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebellinii) is a beautiful filler for this planting  bed.   Its spreading fronds fill the space in and easy-care way.

#3   Plant a large specimen palm alone as a FOCAL POINT:


The landscape department used that concept when planting this Bismarkia palms.   Isn’t it stunning?    It works with a smaller palm too!   Just place it in a way that says “this plant is special”


Actually a palm doesn’t have to  be large to be a specimen.  This small pindo  is definitely an attention grabber!   The drop-dead gorgeous pot helps too.

#4  Combine different heights, leaf shapes, and leaf colors:


I find this very attractive but think it would really grab me if there was a little more variety in the frond shapes.


RULE OF THUMB:   Mix tall feather palms with short fan palms.   Mix tall fan palms with short feather palms.

#5  Plant palms in groups to create shade: 

palm shade

#6  For added drama, put some light on them when the sun goes down:


These uplights and spotlights are good for both safety and beauty.


Just looking through palm pictures has me dreaming of hot tropical weather and wondering where I can create a little tropical oasis of my own.