Earth Day was this past Saturday (April 22), so I’ve been thinking about actions we can take to help this amazing planet of ours.  Here are three straightforward actions to support Planet Earth:

START DOING:  Plant Trees

Our planet is losing 15 billion trees each year.  Plant a tree this year – any tree will do, though it’s best to pick something native or local to cut down on water needs.  And while a set of manicured, perfectly spaced out trees can look nice, I’m partial to groupings of trees that create a shade garden for homes.  The upside to shade gardens is that you can keep adding trees over time to create a larger or more lush canopy.

FullSizeRender (1)

STOP DOING: Pack produce in separate plastic bags at the grocery

So many varieties of fruits and vegetables have nifty, built-in, protective covers (see evidence below).  But it has become part of our grocery shopping culture to pack these items in a plastic produce bag before placing them in our cart.  The Earth knows how to break down a banana peel, but unfortunately is not equipped to break down those plastic bags.  Next time you go to the grocery, skip the bags in the produce section.  Instead, just pop your bananas straight into your shopping cart.


KEEP DOING: Read our blog!

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