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Our New Trim for Texas Sabals

Texas Sabal palms are the only large palm that grows native in Texas. They have a full canopy that gives lots of shade and provides habitat for birds.    Orioles are known to nest under the dry fronds and parrots... Continue Reading →


In Honor of Earth Day

Earth Day was this past Saturday (April 22), so I've been thinking about actions we can take to help this amazing planet of ours.  Here are three straightforward actions to support Planet Earth: START DOING:  Plant Trees Our planet is losing... Continue Reading →

Landscaping with Palms

A dreary, rainy day is perfect for planning and I have palm trees on my mind!   Palm trees add a tropical, take-me-away feeling to any landscape.    Here are a few great ways to use them in your garden... Continue Reading →

How To Plant A Tree

The single most important factor to how a newly planted tree performs is whether it was planted correctly.

Where To Plant A Tree

A little planning will go a long way when it comes to adding trees to your landscape.

Give Your New Tree a Great Start

Have you been contemplating adding a tree or two to your landscape?    Cooler temperatures make fall the best time to plant trees in the Rio Grande Valley.    Once you’ve chosen your tree and location, it’s time to focus on planting... Continue Reading →

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